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Why AIc companies?


A collaborative and methodical approach to an investigation is by far the most essential link to fueling, and achieving the most effective solutions and outcome on a claim. At AIC Companies, LLC, we are proud to constantly push the boundaries of conventional methods to uncover the most valuable intelligence on your files using state-of-the-art techniques. Our Team of dedicated investigative professionals are relentless in our pursuit of becoming and remaining your Premier Partner in Fighting Fraud. Through our client-centered approach, to our revolutionary and innovative array of investigators, we individualize and secure the most vital data on your claims to make the most out of your resources. Passion, Consistency and Trust are the three guiding principles AIC relies on to deliver unmatched investigative results.

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FREE Pre-Surveillance Internet Sweep

These free searches dig into your claimant’s background including DMV records, Social Media Content, Address History and more.

Collaborative Expertise

A well-organized infrastructure with a combined 50+ years of investigative experience used to cultivate each investigation and ensure consistently positive outcomes.


AIC full time employees are highly trained and specialized in our realm. We are not like the big box companies who give anyone a camera and call them investigators.

State-of-the-art Equipment

At AIC, we pioneer the industry in providing and uncovering the most cutting-edge surveillance equipment and vehicles to provide impactful results.